The new standard for contracts

We are a smart contract platform that is simplifying contract management.

We have created a way for general tenancy agreements to be completed, issued, tracked, and digitally signed in minutes.

We work seamlessly with your tools

We provide value to any agency, working alongside your existing tools, customers, business service providers, and CRM.

Fast, secure and compliant

Our smart contract platform enables fast, secure and compliant contract management, for everyone. Spend more time with your customers and less time doing repetitive tasks.

You can attach all the required documentation, add additional contract terms, set a contract signature due date, get a history of the contract activity and track its status in real time.

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Enjoy the benefits of One Touch Execution!

It’s what your customers expect.

One Touch Execution enables you to have your tenancy agreement signed in minutes, not days.

Attach and send all your documents with the Tenancy Agreement

Attach and send to the tenant any important documents, such as by-laws and privacy statements. These will be sent along with the Tenancy Agreement.

Get tenants to view and sign everything faster using their mobile

Tenants can sign their Tenancy Agreement at the touch of a button using their mobile device.

We securely record every event using our distributed ledger technology

A complete record of events under the lease can be viewed at any time, reducing miscommunications between all parties and making dispute resolution faster and easier.

Save time following up tenants by utilising our automated emails

Our system ensures that all tenants automatically receive updates and reminders. This frees up time for you to focus on more important things.

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